Here are tips to repair your credit

Actively Using Credit Cards

One of the easiest credit repair tips is by actively using the cards. Credit cards become a way for you to improve your credit score quickly. If all this time, you have a credit card, but it is rarely used for transactions, from now on try to get used to it. Of course use a credit card wisely, for example shopping at merchants who work closely with banks and provide various attractive promos. In addition to get easy transactions, you can also improve credit scores.

 Pay Bills On Time

If you have started to actively use credit cards to purchase, the most important thing is to pay credit card bills on time or before the date. Do not be late which results  that you will be being fined. Especially to the arrears of payment of bills so that debt accumulates because of interest expense and eventually your credit score falls again.

Fix Finances and Apply at the Right Time

Try to fix your finances, do you have a debt record of more than 30% of your monthly income? So try to pay and repay the previous debt installments so that the debt portion decreases. If you are sure your financial ability is improving, you can apply for a loan or credit to the bank.