Credit repair services are offered by several companies to help restore your credit in good form. These companies help you remove errors and negative items from your credit report and restore it. Every company separately deals with this issue. They remove payment issues, bank defaulter list, and mortgage corrections. People with debt and due payment charges are at risk of forced collection and harassment. Restoration companies help you deal with these issues effectively.

One such name in the market is Blue Water Credit – credit restoration services. The company has an office in California and established in 2008. BWC provides credit repair services to customers with debt and due to payment issues. They directly contact with the charging companies to resolve the issue.

The service charges by Blue Water Credit are reasonable with a monthly fee of $149. The service charges also vary with the number of negative items removed from the credit list. They have individual and couple package offers. Every detail is available at the official website of blue water credit repair. Both the package cover some basic features like

  • analyzing credit scores
  • credit repair plan for separate individual
  • communication support for customer
  • online customer registration and inquiry desk
  • A personal case manager
  • Weekly study material regarding the credit repair process
  • Company’s refund policy.

These are the basic set of services every customer will get. But the whole action plan for specific customer varies with the requirement of the credit report of customer.

The company also works systematically. When you hire a professional, it starts with obtaining your credit report. Freely download credit reports from the official websites of TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian as these three credit bureaus deal with the credit scoring process. Then your project manager reviews the credit report to highlight the errors and negative items.

The manager then tries to remove these negative items by challenging them against the objecting companies. It means if you have already paid off the debts and due payments, but you have charges for that, they will be cleared from your credit. This will improve your credit scores.

Bluewater credit repair service has a refund policy as compared to other credit repair services, which earn it massive customer satisfaction. The charges for individual package are $149-199 while for couple package is $249-299.